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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recycle Pretty Wrapping Paper To Make Your Cards

I recently received a wonderful birthday gift from my brother, Patrick, and his wife, Margaret.  Margaret is very crafty and has a great color sense.  She had wrapped the present so nicely.  The frog teapot, tea cups and sugar and creamer were all wrapped separately in brightly colored tissue paper.  The box containing everything was wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper and finished off with an expertly tied and embellished bow.  It was truly a gift just opening the present!  My dining room table was covered with bright colors from the tissue paper and then there was the lovely wrapping paper and ribbon.  Of course, you just can't throw out this wealth of goodness.  

However, this is what I think about everything and I am quickly running out of space to put all the "goodies" that come into my daily life!  Which leads me to my epiphany that I'd like to share with you.  Why not use the wrapping paper from the gift to make a thank you card  or a card set for the person sending the gift?  

I chose to wrap 2" squares of plain white card stock with the wrapping paper.  Then, I made the designs on the two cards I have to share with you below. 

Here are close ups of each card:

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