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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Loonies Get A New Name; Tim Holtz Tag for May

Hello End of May!
I can't believe it is time to post the Tim Holtz tag again.  Where did the month go?

The gang of three, Joanne, Terri and I, (fondly known as Tres' Loonies) met on May 26 to do the tag of the month.  Due to our current obsession with La Blanche stamps, Joanne proposed a name change to "La La Loonies."  Since this name works on so many levels, (we are sometimes in "la la land, the alliteration is quite nice, etc.), it was quickly adopted despite the unsuccessful search for any bylaws or a copy of Roberts Rules.  Below are the three tags the La La Loonies completed this month!
Terri's Tag
 Joanne's Tag
Connie's Tag

La La Loonies also had a Dress Form Challenge in May.  Joanne completed her project.  Connie usually does not complete her projects on time and still owes the group projects from the Halloween challenge so these are loosely controlled challenges at the moment.  Here is Joanne's completed project:

See you next month!