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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Post of 2013 -- What Happened To The End of 2012?

Hi There. You might wonder about the gap in posts, or not, since I'm an irregular blogger at best.  First, there was Kristkindl Markt the last weekend of November.  This is the Country Club Congregational United Church of Christ's annual event.  I'd been making cards to sell for several months, my friend, Marie, came from San Francisco to help and one of my best friend's sister in law, Laura, shared the booth with me.  Laura is the one that got me started as she had the booth for many years before I got involved!  She is quite talented as you can see from some of her lovely baskets shown in the pictures.

 Here I am with Laura, you can see her baskets and my cards.
This is Marie. 
I made the display board in the background with the new G45 Nutcracker Sweet paper as a colorful background.

After the big push for Kristkindl Markt, there isn't much left to tell of my December.  I got sick, went to bed for three weeks, went to doctor's appointments, and missed Christmas.  Fortunately, it comes around every year, so I can start looking forward to next year.  

2013 seems to have started off better!  I didn't craft ANY in December and when I first visited my craft room in January it looked like this
I think the first resolution of the new year is to organize the craft room!  I've been talking to my favorite handy man for hire about building some shelves in the closet so I can store where did I put his information?

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