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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Tres Loonies Has A Birthday

On of the Tres Loonies, Terri, had a birthday in June.  Joanne and I agreed we'd each make her an item before out next "club" meeting.  Joanne got hers done; I did not!  So, after Joanne and I treated Terri to a birthday lunch we came back to my house for some crafting fun and Joanne presented Terri with the following FANTASTIC altered art piece.  Don't you thing she is clever and talented?
Joanne and Terri
Terri might get her piece from me at our next club meeting. After I get the Tim Holtz tag done for this month, a few May birthday cards and three June cards done.  Oh well, retired life is really hard...  Someone is going to have to give me a job so I can get some rest! 

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